Sunshine Daydream (Indica) – Diamond Extracts Shatter 1 Gram


When you cross Blue Moonshine and Bubba Kush, the result is Sunshine Dream! It smells like blueberry and kush and it tastes very sweet. It tastes like blueberry muffins so it may make you hungry. As these cannabis plants grow, the ogs will be covered in heavy white crystals. It has a THC level of 17-24%. It is an Indica Dominant strain that isn’t very potent but offers great benefits. Combined with the fact that it smells and tastes good and it is low cost makes it a great option for someone new to cannabis use. Sunshine Dream offers euphoric results very soon after being used. It is often used to reduce pain that is chronic. The warm snuggly feeling is often one that makes a person sleepy so this form of cannabis is best to use at night.