GRAPE APE – High Voltage Extracts Sauce 1 Gram

$55.00 each

Grape Ape Sauce by High Voltage Extracts is a delicious HTFSE cannabis concentrate with an extremely fresh and fragrant flavor profile. Utilizing fresh, flash-frozen cannabis, High Voltage is able to preserve all of the cannabis plant’s original terpene and flavor profile, delivering an unparalleled smoking experience that can’t be matched by any other concentrate.

With Grape Ape, tokers can anticipate an Indica-forward, grape-flavored experience that’s sure to relax and sedate. Mind and body are both put at ease by Grape Ape’s strong, stony effects and at higher doses, a couch lock effect is always guaranteed. With such strong Indica effects, Grape Ape is a strain that’s best used to eliminate stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

High Voltage Extracts is a BC based brand who has perfected the extraction process in all HTFSE concentrates. They only use high quality cannabis for all of their extractions and the outcome of their products are magnificent. The method used captures all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from their premium strains which creates the best tasting smoke and effects for all consumers. There highly refined concentrates brings out the best quality for all connoisseurs.